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Active role in the community

Fukuoka Orange Talent Bank

In June 2021, Fukuoka City established the "Orange Talent Bank"" in order to develop opportunities where people with dementia can play an active role in the community. By registering with the Talent Bank, people with dementia can, for example, participate in product development projects that incorporate their experiences and work for companies.
At our center, people with dementia also work on a regular basis. If you wish to register with the Orange Talet Bank, please contact the center.

認知症の方の調理機器開発での活躍 認知症の方の書店業務での活躍

Fukuoka Orange Partners

Fukuoka Orange Partners is a consortium composed of an all-Fukuoka collaboration of industry, academia, public and private partners working to create an environment where people with dementia can play an active role. It includes individuals with dementia, their families, corporations, organizations, healthcare and social care providers, and municipality representatives. They are all equal partners that voluntarily "learn", "think”, "collaborate" and "act" on dementia. The consortium explores possibilities to enable living to the full with dignity even with dementia, and to translate these ideas into practical efforts. Fukuoka Orange Partners empower individuals with dementia to lead meaningful lives, and envision a collaborative platform where all stakeholders contribute to fostering dementia-friendly communities.
What you have experienced and what you have devised in your daily life would lead to great hopes and hints for those who have been diagnosed with dementia or are worried that they may have dementia.
You can play an active role in co-creating a community that is easier to live in by sharing your opinions and ideas about what you would like to see in businesses and organizations.


Joint development of dementia-friendly products and services / Development of a framework for a dementia-symbiotic society

NEXT Meeting

NEXT Meeting, a learning session on dementia, is held by people with dementia and companies with the aim of considering what can be done to help people with dementia live their lives in their own way, and to link this to actual initiatives.
In order for the rapidly increasing number of people with dementia to continue to live their lives in a way that they want in their familiar communities, a variety of products and services will be needed. We support more companies to participate in the development of dementia-friendly products and services.
Please note that participation in Fukuoka Orange Partners is required for access to know-how in the group and for collaboration with people with dementia.


Social interaction

Dementia cafe

Would you like to visit a Dementia cafe?
Dementia cafes, which are places where people with dementia, their families, and local residents can gather and interact with each other, are on the rise.
By supporting the launch and continued operation of dementia cafes, the Center promotes an environment where people with dementia and their families can live and work safely in the community.


Peer support activities

The word "peer" means companion or equal. A "peer supporter" is a person with dementia who listens to other people with dementia and becomes a sounding board for them based on their own experiences.
It is easy to talk with peers who have had the same experience, and through the connection, you can share your thoughts and feelings. If you would like to talk to a peer supporter or would like to act as a peer supporter yourself, please contact us.

Learn and experience

Humanitude® Course

We regularly hold a training session on "Humanitude®", a communication and care technique for people with dementia, once a month, about 90 minutes at a time. We have various sessions including for family caregivers, general public, care professionals, emergency medical services, children, and businesses. For more information, please click here.


Dementia-friendly design course

By incorporating "dementia-friendly design" into homes and other facilities, it is possible to create a living environment where people with dementia can live as independently and confidently as possible and live as one would like to live. Fukuoka City has developed a "Fukuoka Dementia-Friendly Design Guide" that outlines 30 points for creating an inclusive living environment for many people, including people with dementia.
In this course, we will explain in an easy-to-understand manner the basic concepts of the dementia-friendly design stipulated in this guide, as well as key points and schedule examples when introducing them into buildings.
The "Fukuoka Dementia-Friendly Design Guide" formulated by Fukuoka City can be downloaded from the city's website.


Dementia AR Experience session

In this session, participants will have the opportunity to experience the Dementia AR Experience called "Dementia Eyes".
The dementia AR experience is an augmented reality (AR) and enable you to experience elements of common visual symptoms of dementia, mainly Alzheimer's type. Through the experience, you will be able to understand the difficulties and anxiety felt by people with dementia, which will help you reflect on your past and future responses, and at the same time, you will be able to gain the insight on how to improve the environment such as potential hazard and easy-to-understand color combinations.


Dementia Supporter Training Course

We hold a regular course to train people to become a dementia supporter who understands dementia correctly and live together with people with dementia and their families without prejudice. We have the course lasting about 90 minutes once a month. Participants will receive a "Dementia Supporter Card", which is a proof of being a "Dementia Supporter".


Request a guided tour of the Center.

Please contact us if you would like to visit and have a guided tour of the Center.


Upcoming Events

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